Chromatic | krō-ˈma-tik 
1 : of or relating to colour or colour phenomena or sensations
2 : [music] characterized by frequent use of accidentals

Chromatic is a series of experimental photograms about materiality and mortality. Film was initially accidentally soaked in sea water, destroying the images that were captured on the roll, but as a result the images created on the corroded photographic surface were abstract and painterly. The series looks at the transience of memory and the corporeality of the photographic medium.


The project was first exhibited at Gravy Gallery (Santa Cruz, US). Installation images below:

Chromatic, 2022
Photographic film, sea water, digital print on silk charmeuse

Another iteration of the project was subsequently exhibited at NUS Museum (Singapore).
Installation images below (courtesy NUS Museum):

Chromatic, 2023
Photographic film, sea water, digital print on silk charmeuse, postcards 
Silk charmeuse 84cm x 194cm, postcards 10cm x 15 cm

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